Book Group Discussion Points

What are the metaphorical implications of the title?

How does the fact that “Nargess” translates as “Narcissia” fit with Nargess’s character?

Does your opinion of Nargess change when she tells Zahra, “What would I do without you? One day you’ll be able to come here and live with me. I promise you. Then you can take care of me for ever.”

Why do you think the authors entitled chapter 3 “Victory of Religion”?

Discuss the irony in the title of chapter 4, “Queen of the House.”

At the end of “TheFields of Khoramshar” why does Pari say about her son Akhbar, “…he should have been on the bus.”?

Discuss the implications of the title of Chapter 8, “Virtues.”

Discuss how and where Pari ultimately finds redemption? How does this relate to the author’s note at the beginning?



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